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WELCOME Satellite Phones by Galaxy 1

Galaxy 1 Communications are the experts in keeping people on the move, connected. 

Wherever they are.

Our customers know that we will support them anywhere in the world, anytime.  We are ALWAYS THERE when they need us.

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Inmarsat Recognized for providing best universal service offering


Globalstar  to transport satellites for pre launch

Inmarsat plans global handheld satellite phone

Hand Held Satellite Phones

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We have a complete line of handheld satellite phones for communications anywhere in the world including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and soon to be released Inmarsat Aces.


Call us now to find out which satphone is right for you.


We also Rent Satellite phones.  Visit us at our Satphone Rental Page.


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Iridium 9505A


Inmarsat Aces


Galaxy 1 are the leading experts on providing Portable Mobile Satellite Phone and Data service.


We have been involved in the latest launch of Inmarsat BGAN Portable Broadband Data service since it was launched. 

First Class Support 

We have the most up to date and complete support sites for satellite phone users.


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Nera WorldPro 1000 / 1010

Hughes HNS 9201

Thrane Explorer 300

Thrane Explorer 500

Thrane Explorer 700

Hughes 9101 Regional BGAN

With over 18 years experience in the Maritime Communications industry, Galaxy 1 brings you the very best in service and support for Marine Satellite Communications. 


Contact us if you are thinking about adding satellite phone service to your vessel.  We represent some of the biggest names in the maritime business including NERA Satcom and many others.


Check out our line of Inmarsat Fleet products.


We stock the widest variety of satellite phone accessories for you communications needs.  If you are using a satellite phone, we have the parts you need to stay in contact. 


We have accessories for Thrane & Thrane Explorer series, NERA Satcom, Thuraya, Iridium, Globalstar and many others.